Secluded Escape Garden Retreat

19th September 2016

Secluded Escape – 3.3m wide by 2.4 m deep


We really enjoyed the challenge of this project. The brief from the client was they needed a place to sit and relax, entertain friends and escape from it all.

On my site survey I noticed that there garden was split into 2 areas and in the bottom area there was an ideal space for a quaint Retreat to be constructed, which was hidden away from the rest of the garden.

We chose to use Double Glazed French doors with fully glazed side panels and opening fanlights to vent the Retreat. On the left side elevation we incorporated a fully glazed picture window, which framed beautiful views of the South Downs.

The client wanted to have the facility of being able to switch on the external soffit lights from the comfort of their home, so we fulfilled this brief by installing two way light switching.

The internal wall insulation was upgraded to a better quality sound insulation property because the client is partial the playing a Ukulele.

The Perfect Escape


This project put up a challenge as the access to the site was restricted.  This was over come by the Retreat being constructed in a modular form and put together on site.  Loved the way it just settled in between the existing garden foliage.

Build time: 12 days.

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